World Class Millwork Solutions

We build premium grade custom cabinetry for residential and commercial projects.

Our global team is commited to find the most competitive solutions and convenient prices for your project.

Projects are developed and managed collaboratively.

Whenever needed, we provide value engineering consultation to help you deliver the best quality in your projects, while remaining within budget.

How our team works:

In the USA, our staff is available anytime you need it.

In India, our estimating team works with your drawings to quickly and accurately quote your project.

Peru supports production for high-volume projects.

Our partners in China manufacture specially designed top-performing hardware for us, following the highest standards.


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Our global team finds the best sourcing, production and delivery strategy for your project

Top-notch partners

Our shop, your shop

Excellent casework

Competitive prices

Our Team

Our experienced team is trained constantly to use the latest technology, and produce and assemble millwork and casework for kitchens, offices, stores and hospitals, among others. They manage projects and collaborate with customers in finding the best solution, from quotation to the shipping of the millwork.

“We are happy to provide value engineering consultation, to deliver the best quality according to the budget requirements of our customers”

Eagle Supply in the World


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We like to think of our suppliers as strategic partners , who provide the best materials and equipment, to meet our clients needs

Purpose And Trajectory

We plan, produce and deliver casework for commercial, institutional and residential projects.

Our Commitment